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PNNL’s Systems Engineering Building (SEB) Tour

At this year’s VOLTTRON workshop, you have the opportunity to tour PNNL’s Systems Engineering Building (SEB). The SEB is dedicated to advanced power grid and smart buildings research. The 24,000 sq. ft. facility features the Electricity Infrastructure Operations Center -- two functional control rooms -- and laboratories focused on power electronics, interoperability, and campus energy controls.

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Register by August 8 if you would like to be included in this tour. Facility access requires a visitor badge, which must be processed in advance of your visit.


New in 2018, Discovery Hall is a collaboration-rich environment where researchers gather with academic and industrial partners. It is a modern venue to generate new ideas and solve complex problems in the areas of scientific discovery, energy resiliency, and national security.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory - Discovery Hall
650 Horn Rapids Road
Richland, WA 99354
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Wondering where to stay? There are excellent options, with many located along the beautiful Columbia River just minutes from the PNNL campus.

Richland Area

Add some time to your visit, and enjoy fishing, boating, antique shops, and over 300 wineries. Check out the Visit Tri Cities’ website and visitor’s guide. Lots of local events are happening during the workshop week; see the full list here.

PNNL visitor information is available here.


08:00a Badging at Discovery Hall
08:30a Opening Remarks George Hernandez, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
08:40a Welcome and Laboratory Overview Steve Ashby, Laboratory Director, PNNL
09:00a From "VOLTTRON" to "Eclipse VOLTTRON" - What This Means, and Why It Matters Wayne Beaton and Paul White, The Eclipse Foundation


10:00a Eclipse VOLTTRON Features
Jereme Haack, PNNL
Robert Lutes, PNNL
10:45a Open Discussion Facilitator

Eclipse VOLTTRON – Game Changer

11:00a District of Columbia Department of General Services Zach Wilson, New City Energy
Utility Applications – The New Frontier Joe Hagerman, NRECA

Eclipse VOLTTRON at PNNL – Working Lunch

12:00p PNNL Campus – Living Laboratory Robert Lutes, PNNL
A VOLTTRON™ Driven Energy Storage System Michael Starke, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
Control of Complex Systems Initiative Michael Brambley, PNNL
Transactive Energy Project Overview Christopher Delgadillo, Micah McCarver, and Erick Ochoa, Cal State University

Eclipse VOLTTRON – Inside

01:30p Demand Response and CTA2045 Tristan DeFrondeville, SkyCentrics
01:50p Middleware / connectivity layer for smart-connected-building application software. Terry Herr, Intellimation
02:10p Scaling VOLTTRON for large deployments: Use case and lessons learned Don Kasper, Ecorithm
02:30p Open Discussion Facilitator
02:50p Security, Extensibility, Development support and community. Nigel David, SES Consulting
03:10p As Thailand 4.0 progresses unstoppably, PEA is now developing the "PEA HiVE" smart home platform Warodom Khamphanchai, Provincial Electricity Authority (Thailand)
03:30p Tour the Systems Engineering Building PNNL Protocol Office
08:00a Summary of First Day Facilitator

Technology Overview

08:10a VOLTTRON™ History & New Features Jereme Haack, PNNL
08:40a Message Bus Refactor Overview Shwetha Niddodi and Jereme Haack, PNNL
09:20a VOLTTRON CETC Deployment Robert Lutes and Craig Allwardt, PNNL
09:50a Open Discussion Facilitator
10:00a Community Contributions: Drivers, Utilities, Historians Rob Calvert, Kisensum
10:30a IoT Projects in Eclipse
Eclipse VOLTTRON™: Community Engagement and Roles
Wayne Beaton, The Eclipse Foundation

Working Lunch

12:00p VOLTTRON™ in Use Rob Calvert, Kisensum
Nigel David, SES Consulting
Bora Akyol, 8minutenergy
Andrew Rogers, Intellimation
Eugene Song, KIER
Helia Zandi and Michael Starke, ORNL

VOLTTRON™ Office Hours

01:30p Technical Breakouts
RabbitMQ Walkthrough Shwetha Niddodi and Chandrika Sivarmakrishnan, PNNL
Driver Setup and Configuration Kyle Monson, PNNL
VOLTTRON Deployment Practical Lessons Robert Lutes and Craig Allwardt,
03:00p Open Discussion Facilitator
03:30p Adjourn

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